Thursday, April 23, 2015

Elizebeth-Mt. Vernon

For National Poetry Month Elizebeth studied concrete poetry with her tutor Mrs. Newel, and then created this concrete poem about her favorite month, March.  

Kai-10 Years From Now

what would make you feel the happiest ten years from now….?

I think what would make me the happiest ten years from now would probably be…. less crime in the world, peace on earth and in space( if aliens exist), the homelessness rate is dropping, more job opportunities, more changes in our government, less pollution and trash, less diseases, and so much more.

My life would look like… I have a happy family I am married to my husband with 3 kids (one boy & two girls) and me and husband have a great paying job and a big house with a pool/waterfall and 2 slides and a look over jacuzzi. Also we would be friends with every celebrity so we can go to all the events and award shows and birthday parties. And my mom and dad are happy and i buy them houses and i buy my grandmother a big house and my cousins kanani, moani, ke’alea, makana, and my sister kealani all share a medium house and we all have 4 cars each. And have enough money to be set from life. AND THAT IS WHAT WOULD MAKE ME FEEL THE MOST HAPPIEST TEN YEARS FROM NOW!!!!

How Can I make this future a reality:

I think that i can make this future a reality by first finishing school (period). Getting a job in the government to learn how to make my changes come true. Then get a part time job doing interviews and celebrity parties and hosting award shows and get paychecks from both of those jobs and try really hard to keep them for life.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Zay : Mt. Vernon

Zay has been working on memorizing her multiplication tables.  Her tutor, Courtney, quizzes her a couple of times a month.  The first quiz at the top, was Zay's test on Monday.  After leaving over half of the questions blank, both Zay and her tutor were feeling a little disillusioned.  In the hope that she could figure out a new method to help Zay learn her multiplication tables, Courtney asked Zay: "Do you know your learning style? What method helps you remember information?"  Because Zay didn’t have an answer, for homework, Courtney assigned her the task of trying to figure out how she learns.  Zay devoted time over the next two days to try to figure out what methods helped her remember information. When Wednesday came, and Courtney asked, she was ready with an answer: “I think I learn best when I hear something being explained, and then I get to see an actual example."  She said she practiced her multiplication tables using that method, listening to the correct answers, and then practicing them herself.  The quiz on the bottom is from today, Wednesday April 1st.  Zay improved dramatically from her Monday score, from a 47% to a 97%.  We are very proud of her effort, and her growth.  Her newest homework assignment from her tutor is to focus on her learning style, and begin figuring out how to implement it into how she tackles her classes, just like she did for her multiplication.  

Good Job Zay!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Vashaune: The Daniel Center

Vashaune: The Daniel Center

The Book: Number The Stars by Lois Lowry

Ten-year-old Annemarie Johansen and her best friend Ellen Rosen often think of life before the war. It's now 1943 and their life in Copenhagen is filled with school, food shortages, and the Nazi soldiers marching through town. When the Jews of Denmark are "relocated," Ellen moves in with the Johansens and pretends to be one of the family. Soon Annemarie is asked to go on a dangerous mission to save Ellen's life. (Summary from Amazon)

The assignment was to interview a character from Number The Stars. Vashaune chose to interview the main character in the book, Annemarie. After summarizing the plot,  he created questions that he thought would be interesting to ask the protagonist, Annemarie. Next, he answered those questions from Annemarie's perspective. He completed this assignment in interview format. Here is his good work! 

Number The Stars by Lois Lowry is a wonderful book, recommended for students in grade 3-5. Vashaune, who says he doesn't enjoy reading, rates Number The Stars a 3 out of 5! We have this book, and many others in our library at the Juvenile Literacy Center. To browse our entire selection click Here. To request a book, simply drop by our office, or send an email to to have the book of your choice delivered to your tutoring session. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

2015 JLC Program Introduction


My name is Nicole and I am the Instructor at the Juvenile Literacy Center, and this is our blog.  Soon we will be posting introductions from some of our students and tutors.  This blog will be used to showcase our students; their talents, interests, and the improvements they make with their tutors, as well as the latest information from the JLC.

The Juvenile Literacy Center (JLC) provides direct one-on-one tutoring to court-involved youth.  The program serves students ages 6-17 who are referred to the program by Juvenile Court.  Students who participate in this program receive individualized instruction to improve their reading, writing, and math skills.
Our program is designed so that students will come to know success.  The JLC is designed to improve literacy skills and cultivate both academic and personal success.

Stay Tuned!


Monday, August 4, 2014


My favorite person is my grandma, because she is a person beutiful, intellentent, lovable, loving, caring, especial,
i love her because shi is mature person who helped me when you need it most, when I has sick look after me, give me  your love for a long time, she always for give me when to something bad,she loves me with my my mistakes and virtues, i define my grandmother as my life<3 nbsp="" p="">


the best country in the world honduras                                                                                 

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